Viscose Jersey Uni - H.Jeans is a fabric that combines comfort and style effortlessly. Made up of 92% viscose and 8% elastane, this fabric offers a soft and supple drape with just the right amount of stretch. Viscose, derived from natural sources like wood pulp, gives this fabric its luxurious feel and breathability. The addition of elastane ensures a comfortable fit and prevents the fabric from losing its shape over time. This versatile fabric is perfect for a range of clothing items, from tops and dresses to skirts and pants. It drapes beautifully, making it ideal for flowy and relaxed silhouettes. With its slight stretch, it allows for ease of movement and a flattering fit. Viscose Jersey Uni - H.Jeans comes in a solid color, making it easy to pair with different prints and patterns. Its smooth texture adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Whether you're looking for a versatile and comfortable fabric for everyday wear or a luxurious option for a special occasion, Viscose Jersey Uni - H.Jeans is the perfect choice.
SKU: A58352-706
Certificates‍: Öko-Tex Standard 100 Product class I
Material‍: 92% Viscose + 8% Spandex
Weight‍: 150 g/m²
Art‍: Viskose Jersey
Kein Bleichen‍: Kein Bleichen Kein Trockner Bügeln ein Punkt Reinigung mit Perchlorethylen 30 Grad
Colour‍: Blue
Item weight‍: 0,33 kg
Content‍: 1,00 m
Dimensions ( Width )‍: 150,00 cm

Viscose Jersey Solid - H.Jeans

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Art.Nr.: A58352-706
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