The fabric known as BIO Musselin Wide Linen is a versatile and sustainable option for various textile projects. This fabric is composed of a blend of natural fibers, making it eco-friendly and comfortable to wear. With its wide width, this BIO Musselin Wide Linen fabric offers flexibility in crafting different garments and home décor items. Whether you're aiming for a breezy summer dress or soft curtains for your living space, this fabric can meet your needs. One of the key features of this fabric is its breathability. The linen component allows for airflow, making it ideal for warm weather clothing. Additionally, the fabric's soft texture and beautiful drape add to its appeal. Another notable aspect of BIO Musselin Wide Linen is its sustainability. The use of organic materials reduces the environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for conscious consumers. It's also worth mentioning that this fabric is easy to care for, requiring simple machine washing and air drying. Overall, BIO Musselin Wide Linen is a high-quality fabric with excellent properties, suitable for a wide range of sewing projects. Enjoy its natural feel and contribute to a sustainable future with this eco-friendly textile option.
SKU: A10666-113
Certificates‍: Öko-Tex Standard 100 Product class I
Material‍: 100% Organic Cotton
Weight‍: 165 g/m²
Art‍: Organic Double Gauze
#NV‍: Around 10%
Kein Bleichen‍: Kein Bleichen Kein Trockner Bügeln ein Punkt
Item weight‍: 0,42 kg
Content‍: 1,00 m
Dimensions ( Width )‍: 245,00 cm

"BIO Wide Linen Musselin: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Choice"

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Art.Nr.: A10666-113
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