The Felix Sweat - Aubergine fabric is a must-have for every fashion enthusiast. Made from 100% cotton, this fabric offers a perfect combination of comfort and style. The rich aubergine color adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Whether you want to create a cozy sweatshirt or fashionable loungewear, this fabric is perfect for all your sewing projects. With its unique texture and high-quality composition, the Felix Sweat - Aubergine fabric ensures durability and longevity. It is soft to the touch, allowing for a comfortable wearing experience. Additionally, the 100% cotton composition makes it breathable and ideal for all seasons. The versatility of this fabric is unparalleled. It can be used to create a variety of garments such as sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, and even dresses. The rich color and smooth surface make it easy to work with and perfect for both beginners and experienced sewers. For those who prioritize sustainability, rest assured that the Felix Sweat - Aubergine fabric is made from natural fibers, contributing to a more eco-friendly fashion industry. In conclusion, the Felix Sweat - Aubergine fabric is a high-quality, versatile material that combines comfort, style, and sustainability. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create unique and fashionable pieces with this 100% cotton fabric.
SKU: A8502-620
Certificates‍: Öko-Tex Standard 100 Product class I
Material‍: 100% Cotton
Weight‍: 400 g/m²
Art‍: Sweatshirt Felix
Kein Bleichen‍: Kein Bleichen Kein Trockner Bügeln ein Punkt Reinigung mit Perchlorethylen 30 Grad
Item weight‍: 0,56 kg
Content‍: 1,00 m
Dimensions ( Width )‍: 140,00 cm

"Felix Sweat - Eggplant: The Ultimate Athletic Apparel"

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Art.Nr.: A8502-620
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